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Project- and process manager with expertise in graphic design and digital media.

I am positive, people-oriented, organized and always bring a creative focus.

Humility is my friend and confidence is my strength.
I believe in the connection between good work processes and good results. I love to explore and learn new things.
I combine my creative power with my strategic and analytical mind to create the best outcomes.

I am naturally curious and meet the world with my sense of humour, optimism and drive to create smarter and more sustainable solutions – for people, for businesses and for the world.

In short words

What I believe

Inclusive design

I believe a people-centred design process is not only a strategy to solve problems, but a potent strategy for identifying problems to solve.


I believe that insight into industry, users and stakeholders help me to find out where you can make the most impact and create real value. I prefer to ask the right questions before looking
for solutions.


I believe in being a good person. Showing kindness and being nice to others, is what I believe creates an environment that is safe and fun
to grow and progress.


A positive working environment and good working relationships with people. Either if it’s internal or external is something I strongly believe
is essential for success.